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World War

World Wars”


Autumn Maria Reed


So,a Serbian guy shot the Archduke of Austria dead in 1914. As a result,Britain and France went to war against Germany. It was to be “the Great War to end all wars”,whatever that meant. Somehow,America joined Britain,because Germany took over France. America magically saved the day for France and Germany surrendered.

Germany was incensed and blamed the Jews for the lost to America, Britain, and France known as the Allies. It was because the Jews,who aren’t white people,killed Jesus Christ back in 33,despite the fact he was executed by Italians. This idea was from an Austrian African Jew Naziand artistic painter named Adolf Hitler. He hijacked Germany and formed Nazi Germany.

Italy, yes, Italy and Japan, a nation of yellow people, joined Hitler and formed the Axis. Nazi Germany hated communism,but Russia and China loved communism. Nazi Germany hated them both,so those two became friends with the Allies.However, America, hated commies. But,Nazi Germany wanted everyone to like them and put any dissent,mostly the Jews, away in death camps. This is known as the Holocaust. Nazi Germany wanted to conquer the world,by taking over all of Europe. Britain didn’t like that imperialistic idea. It didn’t want Nazi Germany to get so big that “the sun never set on the Nazi German empire.” (Get the allusion?) By the way, where was India in all of this? That’s right, protesting the imperialistic British colonization. Consequently, Britain and Nazi Germany went to war. Japan bombed the imperialistic America’s Hawaii, a former British territory, and the former natural Hawaiian kingdom until it was usurped by the British. Once again, America joined this new Second War and magically saved the day. Hitler killed himself in a bunker.

Russia helped too,but no one acknowledged it,especially not America. Russia and America entered in an imaginary war called the Cold War to see who had better nuclear weapons and space rockets. Thankfully, no one was killed. But America later went on to claim the planet Earth’s only satellite, the Moon. During those years, Americans feared Russians coming to nuke them, as if it were the boogieman under a five-year-old’s bed. Duck and cover!

I digress,Germany made it illegal for its citizen to deny this Holocaust. But in America,anyone could deny it. Just like how America stole land from the Indigenous people and committed genocide. Also, like that one time when America enslaved the Irish and Africans that it bought from other Irish and Africans. Remember when Democrats wanted slavery? Oh yeah, the Civil War! Some of South States didn’t want to be Americans anymore, but in the end, America hadits way. Now everyone wanted to be Americans and the South States were being stupid, according to the North States.I almost forgot, America turned away refugee Jews that tried to escape this Holocaust tragedy because America already filled its immigrant quota. All swept under the rug.

As for the American Holocaust deniers,they called themselves Neo-Nazi. Forming an alliance with Klu Klux Klan (last time I checked, “clan” was spelled with a “c”), they burnt “Christian” crosses to promote“Christianity” and to hate all Jews, except for Yeshua ben Yosef which is Jewish for Jesus Christ. They were white supremacists who ran around in white sheets and wanted the kidnapped Africans to go back to Africa, although the racist Africans hated these mixed raced American Africans as well. These mixed folks are known as Negroes,which means “black”, although they are brown.

Now, these Negroes wanted some retaliation by creating the Nation of Islam which distorted true Islam along with the Black Panthers. Their goals mirrored the white supremacists, except that they were black supremacists. True Africans hated the fact that these Negroes received Liberia because America just took over that African land and gave it to these illegitimates Negroes. Kinda like how Palestinians hated Israel because Britain gave it to the Jews. Neo-Nazis wanted Indigenous Mexicans to go back where they came from too,which is technically the Neo-Nazis’ backyards. Tejas, Arizona, Nuevo Mexico, Colorado, Montaña, y California were also annexed by the imperialistic America, as well.They believed that America was a country that the Great Impartial God had created for Anglophone white people only,even though Europe was know to be filled with mainly whites.

This isn’t a new idea. Some slave-trading, rapist, and so-called explorer was an Italian Spanish explorer named Cristobál Columbus believed this too. Some Americans and some Latinos honored this man as hero for discovering America, although he landed in the Caribbean and thought he was in India. So, he called the Indigenous people “Indians”. His men had “affairs” with the women and made a new “race”, Hispanic/Latinos! Almost all of the Indigenous people spoke Spanish. Thankfully,this terra nullius was named after Amerigo Vespucci, not Columbus. Columbus viewed this land as uninhabited by people,id est,white people. Same goes for Australia. In fact,Europe sent its criminals to Australia because it too was a land uninhabited by people, id est,white people.

These ideals led to America’s world policing spree. Please,don’t get me started on the Vietnam War. Remember the America’s Tonkin Gulf ship that blew up and caused this war? Never happened, an excuse to go to war. Just like the Korean War. The wars America “lost” according to the rules of war. Remember that Palestinians hated Israel because Britain gave it to the Jews? Middle East had many issues. America gave weapons to Iran and Iraq. When Afghan Muslim supremacists flew planes into the World Trade Center in 2001, America went to war against Iraq for revenge. Allegedly, Allah who is God told the Muslim supremacists known as al-Qaeda  to crash the towers. God also allegedly told America to go to war against Iraq. God officially said,“I wouldn’t tell them that! Same goes for those Neo-Nazis and Black Panthers! Who do y’all think I am? Satan? I’ve been framed!”

America feared that China and North Korea will be the next world power. Many nations tried to form the United Nations, but that didn’t work. In conclusion, this is what I basically learned in school and the media.

The End.